ITMediaSign 200

The standard model for digital signage visions

The ITMediaSign 200 is characterized by its robust and fanless design and is used primarily for requirements that focus on a qualitative full HD display on a screen with detailed videos, animations or price communication with product data.

Media data is stored on an integrated 64GB eMMC. Additional hardware, such as an additional SSD, can be integrated using an internal M.2 adapter.

The system is manufactured by INTEL® and has a modern and powerful INTEL® HD Graphics 500 Full HD GPU, which also leaves the INTEL® Celeron processor sufficient scope for further IoT applications on the system.

The integrated HDMI connection supports a video display of max. Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in portrait or landscape display, with up to 30 frames per second. The existing second HDMI is supported by the factory and can be used, for example, for video display for sandwich displays (same content on both displays) or for pure image displays, since the device is based on the qualitative display of videos in terms of setup and performance designed and optimized with an adapter.

The ITMediaSign 200 is therefore a very cost-efficient and consumption-optimized standard model for digital signage projects of any kind and also allows use for integrated applications.

The ideal plug and play system for simple digital signage visions with powerful INTEL® 500 GPU.

The supported video formats are basically dependent on the installed GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and may not include all video formats. As a rule, industry standards such as H.264 MP4 or selected webm formats are partially or fully supported. The exact scope of support can be found in the respective manufacturer specifications of the GPU in connection with the respective signage player software.