The latest modular scale solution

The ITMediaScale is a modular scale consisting of several components, a weighing unit, a control PC (AIO) and an optional side-mounted receipt printer and an optional 2D barcode scanner.

The advantage of this innovative solution lies in the in the modularity of the components, so that if necessary, not the entire unit, as is the case with compact design, but only one of the components has to be expanded or exchanged – units that are not to be exchanged can therefore continue to be operated and thus reduce maintenance and upgrade/service costs.

The PC unit in the model is the All-In-One, the MediaPOS 600 or 800, which is optionally operated on an INTEL Celeron or Core i3.

The weighing unit is connected to the PC unit via USB.

The optional receipt or label printer is mounted on the right side of the device and can be easily adjusted in height.

In addition, there is the option of attaching a 2D barcode scanner and turning the scale into a checkout.

The ITMediaScale can optimally be supplied with an operating system (WIN/Linux) and optionally with application software.

The ITMediaScale takes a pragmatic, modular approach here, allowing service to be optimized and can reduce operating and maintenance costs over its operating life compared to alternative scale solutions.