Die multifunctional powerful self-checkout solution

The ITMediaSCO is the comprehensive, user-friendly and powerful self-checkout solution for retailers. The solution is delivered as a complete structrure and, in addition to the central checkout system based on INTEL® , includes two barcode scanning units with a fixed and a hand-held scanner, a card reader and a piece of furniture with areas for storing two shopping baskets for entry and exit. A security scale is also available and an option.

An INTEL® based system with INTEL® i3/i5 processor with the future 12th CPU generation serves as the basis for the POS system.

The already integrated receipt printer with a print resolution of xx dpi supports continuous rolls with a maximum width of xx mm and has an automatic cutter.

The ITMediaSCO can be delivered with verious additional options, such as s pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10 Image, various supported Linux derivatives, and optionally specific cash register software. The ITMC Staging Service offers various optional services here.

The ITMediaSCO is therefore the optimal, powerful and customer-friendly overall solution for stationary self-check-out systems.