The plug & play cash management solution

The ITMediaCash is a plug & play device for automating the customer payment process at the point of sale. The device consists of the components of the money acceptor and changer and an application on an Android™ tablet. By entering the payment amount directly and conveniently in the application, no direct cash register connection is required, but it is also possible.

The advantage of automating the payment process is not only in the area of ​​hygiene, i.e. avoiding cash contact by the sales staff, but also in the reduction of counting and reconciliation effort for the daily average, because the device provides precise information about the amount of cash received – thus valuable working hours are saved and processes are simplified – even without much installation effort.

With its integrated counterfeit money detection, the device also helps to avoid damage caused by fraud. Revision security is supported by logging every transaction.

In addition, the device impresses with its speed and flexibility when making deposits and withdrawals. Up to 10 coins can be entered into the payment tray at once, and up to 12 coins per second can be returned when paying out, which can ideally increase the checkout frequency / operating speed through optimized coin processing.

ITMediaCash is therefore the ideal plug & play compact solution for hygienic, secure, error-free and time-saving cash management – even without the need for a direct cash register connection. Fast, ergonomic and efficient.

Tablet not included