ITMediaSign 450

High performance Dual 4K with INTEL® UHD 610

The ITMediaSign 450 is the model for advanced demands with up to two different video contents in 4K (3840 x 2160) quality.

Its high-performance INTEL® UHD 610 graphics engine ensures perfect display quality and allows the system to have an optimum of efficient performance with optimal consumption ratings. The screen output can of course be vertical or horizontal, or even across both screens as an on-single screen.

By using the INTEL® Pentium Gold 6505 Gen 10, both the acquisition costs and the operating costs can be optimally designed in terms of power consumption. A high-performance and robust player system for multiple creative uses.

Media data is stored on an integrated 64GB eMMC memory. In contrast to its smaller “brother”, the ITMediaSign 400, the 450 model has 2 x 8GB dual-channel DDR4 RAM.

The ITMediaSign 450 thus forms a very cost-efficient and consumption-optimized complete solution for digital signage projects of any kind and also allows use for integrated applications.

The ideal plug and play system for sophisticated digital signage visions based on powerful and professional INTEL® technology.

The supported video formats are basically dependent on the installed GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and may not include all video formats. As a rule, industry standards such as H.264 MP4 or selected webm formats are partially or fully supported. The exact scope of support can be found in the respective manufacturer specifications of the GPU in connection with the respective signage player software.